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About: Doing mods in SWGOH really sucks ass. Since they are so powerful and so neccessary I needed help. So I wrote this. I am doing this in my spare time. So if you don't like it, I don't care. If you want to be helpful, please send me feedback.

You can add to this page via feedback.

how do I use this thing?
Select your username, character you want to mod, and the stats you want to focus.

I just return you what I think are the best mods for the info you have given me.

You still need to use your brain to make sure bonus' get met if needed and that you don't use ones from other characters you want to keep.

I am thinking of doing a user logon system so you can lock mods to a character so you know which ones you finalize when building other characters.

How do you calculate the gain percentage?
I am still tweaking them since information all over the web varies. But roughly where is what I have:

GAIN ~= sum the percentage change to the stats you select.

Speed, Health, Protection, Critical Chance are based off raw character stats.
Critical Damage is divided by 2 and Potency, Tenacity are divided by 3 to normalize them.
Offense is average change of physical and special damage ratings.
Defense is average change of armor and resistance ratings.

If anyone spots anything glaringly wrong please let me know.

I am looking into ways to weight all the additional or selected stats for theory crafting more.
But I need someone who is really good with math and game design to help.
Things like should physical damage be rated more or less than special? Does one stat affect another?

I don't know. I am really making this shit up as I go. It's helped me maintain top 10.
Do you need any help with this awesome site?
Yes! I could use someone that can design a UI! If you couldn't tell!? I put maybe 10 minutes into this one?
Anyone that finds an error with the math or has suggestions can always give feedback.
Awesome work!

Would be great if we could manage the weightings of the stat gains ourselves.
I am working on that ability. It will be a while as it would require a 100% rewrite of the code.
For now I am going to keep the GAIN formula while I work on stability and the database.
The K.I.S.S. method is what I am aiming for to help the most users.
This is amazing, thank you so much. Please keep developing it. A few suggestions:

- Locking mods to toons would be a great addition.
- Letting me refresh the data manually would also be great (although I understand why you don't allow this). Reason being, once you've moved mods around a few toons, it's easy to lose track of who now has the mod.
- Allow you to specify the mod sets you want to use would be good, this will help preserve set bonuses e.g. for ShoreT, show me the best set of Health mods to max my Health and Protection.

Great work, blown away by this, please keep at it.
Thanks. I appreciate the love since this is just a side project from real life.

Locking mods in in the works, would require a user account system.

Refreshing is limited due to only updating daily and me wanting to play nice with them since I love them.
I am looking into getting my own feed from the game.

It does this already adding in set bonus'. You just have to use your brain to make sure set's are complete if needed.

I would like to do a super simple method of "here's the two stats I want, give me the six mods and where to find them."
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